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Petfood since 1989

What we offer

Quality petfood for cats and dogs

Logistics and Delivery

Customised Business Service

Customer Care and Assistance

Wonderfood: 35 years on the Petfood market

Since the very beginning, our target was clear: provide all pawrent with nutrient and balanced food for their cats and dogs.

Constant research, with passion, innovation and team work: many things happened in 35 years, and our Story is a mix of relationships and projects, milestones, goals and new paths.

Our products

Creating quality food for cats and dogs, which we consider real family member, is the focus of all our business choices. Oasy is the brand that best convey Wonderfood’s mission.

Then we have Acana and Orijen, the superpremium food brands produced by the Canadian Company Champion Petfoods, which we distribute in Italy. Our products’ offer is completed by Ever Clean – a brand of cat litter – and Natù, the new food brand that Wonderfood created specifically for mass market retailers.

Our Servizi

Quality products, process innovation, customised services: cooperating together is a real added value.
Every day, we deliver our products to all pet shops, breeders, associations and international partners that trust us.
We provide marketing services to support shops, from dedicated materials to provide info about our products, to more specific PoP materials to promote correct product display and selling action.
Customer care
We strongly believe in the importance of this service: we care all our relationships with customer and consumer, offering a prompt and accurate support.

Wonderfood Brands