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 for your business

Whatever your store is large or small, we provide all the sales support you need, from help with space layout to nutritional trainings.

Besides analysing store requirements, we also offer customised materials and solutions for display, adapting them to the needs of your specific store.

Customised Support for Businesses of All Sizes

When offering marketing services, first crucial step is in-depth analysis of the specific requirements both of the store and its customers. In fact, guaranteeing a differentiated offer, together with a trained staff and a successful purchasing experience are essentials for pet shops and stores, in order to attract new consumers and build their loyalty.

From shop windows to information materials, everything must be coherent with our brand identity, to offer the best support to the store. To achieve this goal, we can provide creation of adjustable and eye-catching displays that may be used in case of promotional focuses or new product’s launches, creation of information materials for specific initiatives and also design of permanent layout, redeveloping store spaces using customised shelving units and renewed visual structures.

Gadget e special offers to promote sales


Not only a distinctiveproducts offer and customised sales support: our marketing services include also specific commercial initiatives and creation of gadgets and dedicated promotions.


Oasy gadgets are much more than handy accessories: each of them is created to make the relationship with furry friend special. Oasy soft blanket is ideal to wrap your beloved pet around, while our travel case bag is so practical that you can always take it with you for your adventures; our beach towel is perfect for sunbathing or drying off after a bath. All our gadgets – like the afore-mentioned ones – are not only free gifts, but also a marketing tool and are created to encourage consumers to choose our products and offer them a purchasing experience, which combines style, care and benefits.


Besides, we also schedule regular promotions and special initiatives, e.g. price cuts for a specific time or special packs that allow consumers to try new products when buying their usual ones. In this way, stores can show and offer to their customers all the products they sell.

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