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Logistics for petfood

Petfood sector is really dinamic and it steadily grows year by year: in this context, Logistics and Distribution play a key role to guarantee that our four-legged friends everywhere get their food on time.

Wonderfood was a pioneer in offering first-class Logistics in the Petfood sector, and now we can count on a Team of Experts, who are supported by state-of-the-art tools.

Wonderfood Warehouse

The core of our service is Wonderfood state-of-the-art Warehouse, a strategic area that has been designed to optimally manage the wide range of food we deal with every day. Here we use modern technologies for stock management, thus guaranteeing a constant flow and immediate availability of products.

All products are stocked in the so-called “black box”, Wonderfood’s automated warehouse, which has a stocking area of 1.900 m2 – equivalent to 11.000 m2 of a traditional warehouse. Its structure is 21 meters high and includes cranes, tracks and shuttles that handle the products’ stockage and automatic refilling according to the “FiFo” – first in first out – principle. In this way, time required for these activities is extremely reduced, if compared to manual product handling.

All partners count

We are aware that our responsibility goes beyond delivering petfood products. Every step of our service, starting from order preparation in our Warehouse to final delivery in stores, has the sole purpose to guarantee an efficient service to our partners and help support pets’ wellbeing.
Our delivery is widespread on Italian territory, and we pay the same attention to petshops and big chains, to official breeders and kennels or shelters.
Our delivering process mirrors our commitment in serving professionals in our sector. Our logistics fleet is constantly checked to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimise any possible inconvenience when delivering to stores. Besides, we collaborate with networks of national and international transport, to be sure that our products reach stores in our territory and abroad always on time.

About us

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