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ORIJEN for dogs

ORIJEN dry food for dogs offer a biologically appropriated nutrition and incredible taste: formulated with 85% WholePrey animal ingredients and without grains, they are available in many taste variants and types.

ORIJEN takes care of all breed dogs of all life stages, offering them recipes that mirror their evolutionary diet and include a high amount of animal proteins, to support their general wellbeing.

ORIJEN for cats

Up to 90% WholePrey animal ingredients and no grains: ORIJEN food takes care of small felines, respecting their carnivore nature.

Available in different taste variants, ORIJEN dry food mirrors the variety of preys that cats have evolved to eat, to guarantee a complete and balanced nutrition.

<strong>ORIJEN</strong> is a brand of Champion Petfoods

ORIJEN is a brand of Champion Petfoods

A solid partnership: Wonderfood has been distributing ORIJEN brand in Italy for 10 years.



Every day, we deliver ORIJEN food to those pet shops and breeders that trust a biologically appropriate nutrition.

An added value for your shop

An added value for your shop

ORIJEN is the pinnacle of nutrition for cats and dogs and meets the needs of more and more demanding and well-informed consumers.